The Dignity Movement regretfully informs that it has decided to cancel the actions on the International Day against LGBT-phobia, which is celebrated on 17 May. The reason is to avoid provocations and lack of security measures.

On the occasion of the International Day Against LGBT-phobia Dignity Movement calls for all political parties and leaders to pay adequate attention to the violence and discrimination faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people and  take into consideration the rights of LGBT people while running for the mandate in the upcoming parliamentary elections. 

The LGBT community and activists in Armenia still do not have enough security measures to be protected, to be visible, come out and fight for their rights. The peaceful assemblies are not organised in the country, politics and media never stops to push the community in the margins of the society. Armenia is still recognized as one of the most LGBT phobic countries in Europe. 

Same-sex marriages in Armenia are not officially recognized, and any other forms of family or partnership are not provided for same-sex couples by the current legislation. As a result, a number of rights that close relatives and spouses have are not available to same-sex couples in Armenia. The anti-discrimination legislation is absent, the LGBT community struggles to live in a society with high rates of unemployment, homelessness and anti-LGBT violence. 

Dignity Movement is established to achieve full recognition of same sex couples in the Republic of Armenia and eliminate discriminated against them. We call to unite against discrimination and for the right of all people to live freely, for equal dignity and rights.